Bella Day


Hi ^-^ I'm Bella Day. I'm a singer, writer, photographer, artist, and amateur actor :)
I've always been the "artistic type", both sides of my family are musical and artistic. My mum is a singer and portrait artist and has also been in a few small plays in her life. My dad was classically trained in guitar but turned to country western *gags* lol.

One thing I can't live without: MUSIC.
I listen to music whenever I can, and if I can't listen to it I sing it haha. My taste in music is very diverse, anything from the 1800s to now, and music from all over the world. My latest obsession is Kpop (korean pop music) and usually when I tell people that (if they even know what kpop is) they immediately think I'm shallow and have bad taste in music, but in truth, I still listen to a heck of a lot of stuff like Pink Floyd, Billy Joel, Beethoven, and I LOVE movie soundtracks, Hanz Zimmer and Alexandre Desplat are my two main favourite film composers, along side James Newton Howard and James Horner.

I've been writing since I was about 11. I started with fantasy (I was SO in love with it, and still am but have widened my range or genres) and am now writing everything from that to Sci-fi, Historical drama, Action, and Thriller.
I have 15 stories that I have ideas for, most haven't been started yet and others I only have a few scenes for. Basically I'm all over the place haha. I've never had any writing lessons or anything or done any workshops (seeing as most of them require you NOT to be broke) but I intend to work hard and one day become a successful published writer.

People have told me since I was about 15 that I was mature for my age and have found myself having deep conversations with adults about different topics haha.

I'm religionless haha but not atheist either. I don't really believe in anything but think that unless it's proven to me notto be real then I believe that anything's possible. It may or may not be real, who knows?

I've been singing since I was about 12, that's when I realised I actually could sing and I've ben sing ever since. I bought my first guitar when I was 13 and have been playing for about 5 years. I'm not a virtuoso, in fact I'm not very good at all haha I only learnt guitar because I needed back-up for when I sing.
I usually sing Missy Higgins or Adele type stuff and I've recently discovered a love and talent for Jazz and Soul.

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