nikki loden

i have nothing to hide from anyone. if you don't like me, that's your mistake.. i'm not a tough person; i'm strong. i've delt with a lot of bullshit, and trust me i'm not willing to take on anymore. i hate that i'm very forgiving, but just know that i don't forget anything; so if you've hurt me , just know i already know u have regret it alreadii , i dont regret anything in life i do or have done. i look at it as everything happens for a reason people make mistakes and then you just move on! i was raised way different then you! i could tell you stuff that would make your "jaw drop". what more can i say im living the life i want...and i will not let anybody bring me down, im a strong woman wit weak tendancies i never fall i just trip so no need to get up im already there...i fall in love way to quick i give my all to all the wrong people but trust an believe im learning, im crazy as hell never concieted just always up too beat try to never be down.i have many goals an dreams i hope to achieve, i fear bein lonley i fear spiders an bee's, i hate gory movies love scary hahha dun sound rite but its the truth im a very pickey eater . sometimes i dun think before i speak wich is one of my biggest flaws, life is great even if its t00 st0p nd admire a butterfly.. a firm beliver in everything i do i think the best of everybody until they show me a new a strong female wit a huge ego an a big heart i stay true in everything i do . enj0y life bef0re it passes u bye .
my g0als are t00 bec0me a successful ultra s0und tech where i can see ur ba y bef0re its even b0rn , but in the l0ng r0ad and big steps a getttin there im a bartender ..and a g00d 0ne at that.