Bella Suavengco

Native of San Diego, CA, USA

motivated by:
• the idea that life is short and should be lived fully, fearlessly and without regret
• the perseverance and leadership of successful business people
• the fearlessness of those who dare to live unconventional and adventurous lives
• honesty

inspired by:
• the beauty of science and nature
• the passion of art and music
• the diversity of the human experience
• the commonality of the human experience
• acts of bravery, charity, kindness and compassion
• faith
• friendship

  • Work
    • Employed in Non-Profit Healthcare Industry
  • Education
    • Auto-didact
    • SDCC: random classes in preparation for Redlands
    • Univ of Redlands: Business Administration program
    • Sewanne Univ: actively completing a 4-yr Theology extension course