Bella Prihartini☮


I was born in Jakarta 30 May 1995. The second of the two brothers. now I live in Bekasi. Student of informatics management. People who like travelling. Addict with kpop and jfest. One more thing, now i love cook! I'm trying my best to cook even though so far from my expectations, my borther always said that I make it poison T_T

My Elementary and Junior High School

When my age 5th years i entered elementary school in SDN BANTAR GEBANG III. One of closest school from my house. During in elementary school I was active in sports, one of which was to follow the race gymnastics SKJ 2004.

My elementary school was so much fun just like other small children and now I really miss it. Another case with My JHS past, I chose to continue in SMPN 8 Bekasi, one of the most favorite school in Bekasi. It was tough to leave memories in grade school and continuing something new place, especially a new friend. But finally I can adjust. I joined the organization as a school student council as secretary and take extracurricular Scout. So fun.

My Senior High Shcool

SMK Mutiara Baru :) Honestly i do not choose this school, but bcs of my parents i come here. i didnt like in here but as time goes on i started to like it. I feel clever in this case, i think my friend seemed to admit it HAHAHA

My Hobby? Actually I dont know but now often searching on the internet. I love technology, technology lets us know about the changing times.

My future Goals? when I was a child I want to be a doctor, police officer, nurse, so random. The sad time when i know i didnt get letter from hogwarts. If asked now more prefer to programmers, although its imposible.

I'm really addict with Korean dramas, sometimes i think want to have a life like in Korean dramas. haha but it was just a dream, because real life not as beautiful as Korean dramas.

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