Bella Alexis

Huntsville, AL

This is always the weirdest part for me. I write so you wouldn't think this'd be weird, but talking about myself is. Mostly because I'm my worst critic. I'm passionate and sure of myself. I've lived life, made hundreds of mistakes, and come from a broken home. My mom was my life where only she and I existed. When she passed away I felt my foundation crack and life flow into me at the same time. I write what I know and what I sense in the world. I'm 28 and wildly uninhibited. I don't judge and I have yet to come across a taboo subject. I am a connundrum. I'll talk to anyone. I love like there is no tomorrow. I appreciate all intrusions of my life.

Black is my favorite color. I love taking care of other people. I get a craving for tamales every six months. I love big trucks. Idolize quirkiness in everyone. The dark side of the conversation is where I feel most comfortable. I adore makeup. I have forgiven myself and forgiven my past. I love as fiercely as possible with as much wisdom as I have taken from my lessons. I love Evanescence. My guilty pleasure is graphic novels. I could curl up in a blanket with a graphic novel and some slippers all night.

I write poetry, epic poetry, and am working on some novels. I write not to impress but to expose myself and expose the truth. I love change as much as the next person, but I rather be an instrument of change than a audience member. After all, well-behaved women rarely make history right? :)

So, if you want a taste of what I write, you'll see a lot on my instagram or you could go here -------->

  • Work
    • Freelance Writer
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    • Bachelors Degree in Business