Badr Bellaj

Badr Bellaj

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Badr is a Blockchain Architect at Mchain, a specialized startup in the Blockchain Technology. During his career, he was both a Senior Full-Stack system administrator and a passionate Java, Python, C++ developer.

For the past several years, he has been involved in many projects in Cryptocurrencies fields ranging from blockchain-based applications to new crypto payment protocols. Currently, he is designing and developing decentralized platform based on Ethereum Blockchain and Smart Contracts.

Alongside, He is a tech-savvy with vast knowledge of IOT technologies, software development and security administration. Eager to share, Badr has the love of reading and writing about technology. He was the chief editor at Tera-Bit Magazine a Moroccan computer magazine.

As a hobbyist he is an innovative maker and the founder of RASPIMA : the Moroccan raspberry pi Community.

You can reach him on Twitter as @badrbellaj or