jennifer bella

Jennifer grew up on the street in Saigon, Vietnam. Taking care of herself was really hard and she was often very sad until she was adopted. Although she never went to school she was able to study by her self from TV and other kids she lived with.

By a lucky turn of events Jennifer was able to move to America and learned sewing and design, enabling her to work at the US army for 2 years, sewing clothes and equipment. After working for the army she went to train at Farestart to be a server and she work for the company help the Homeless people so they can change they are life are her Money tips go to training program for homeless people so they can change they are life to live she work that compamy for 9 year she really enjoy her job now she's Lead training server she do really really Excellence job she like to work there she Love her coworker she love to help she feel like the company is her second Family she quiet and calm when she upsad she ways quiet she hard worker when she have free time she like to listen music quiet time the most she eat alost vegss just eat litte meat if she want she like to do what ever she want no body can tell her no controling she's litte stubborn hehehehe well but she's really goods