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Kathrin Schönberg

I’m Kathrin and I’ve been living in the Silicon Valley for almost 7 years.

I can hardly believe that myself. It’s such a beautiful, great and convenient area but also somewhat weird and very expensive. We came here to stay a few years - for the expat experience - and now it’s been way longer than we planned… My kids are 7 and 11 years old now and rather american than german. I’m not sure how I like that since I’m still missing our home town Köln (Cologne) a lot. You get used to the american way of life and I’m definitely not disliking the life we lead here. Like Amistead Maupin said: Every place is as beautiful as the people you know there. And we’ve met so many beautiful people over the years.

But on the other hand you can take a girl out of Germany but you can’t take Germany out of the girl. I’m always missing my dirty, less sunny, crowded, loud, honest, familiar and hearty Kölle.

After blogging all these years just for my friends and family, I know decided to take it to another level and share my stories with everyone who’d like to read them.

This blog are about my observations as an emigrant/immigrant (depending on the perspective) who doesn't know if the journey shall be over yet.

In meiner Brust schlagen zwei Herzen: eins für California und eins für Köln.

Seit fast 7 Jahren schon lebe ich mit meiner Familie unter der fast immer sonnigen Käseglocke des Silicon Valleys und obwohl ich mich an viele Annehmlichkeiten des amerikanischen Lebens gewöhnt habe, vermisse ich regelmäßig meine nicht so schöne, nicht so sonnige, enge, laute aber ehrliche, herzliche und vertraute Heimatstadt.

Beobachtungen aus dem Alltag einer Ausgewanderten, die nicht weiß, ob das Wandern schon zu Ende ist.

  • Education
    • Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln
    • Universität zu Köln
    • Universität Koblenz
    • West Valley College