Student in Hell, Michigan


Student in Hell, Michigan

Date me

Call me Natalie or any of my kin names


"Date Me" takes you to my thiscrush!



-You're factkin (This includes Hamilkin)

-You're Homophobic or Transphobic


-You don't have any kins

-You're a double of one of my IDs



I'm 100% okay with doubles!

These are listed in no particular order!!



JD (Heathers the Musical)

Credence Barebone (Fantastic Beasts)

Evan Hansen (Dear Evan Hansen)

Jeremy Heere (Be More Chill)


HABIT (EveryManHybrid)

Hibiki Masashi (OC)

Dean Graham (OC, Domestic AU)

Mei-Ling Zhou (Overwatch)

Sabitsuki (.flow/Yume Nikki Fangame)

Ponyboy Curtis (The Outsiders)

Sadie Miller (Steven Universe)

Kokona Haruka (Yandere Sim)

Kevin (Welcome To Night Vale)


Karamatsu (Osomatsu-San)

Nick Bottom (Something Rotten!)

Terezi Pyrope (Homestuck)

Atlas (OC)

Draculaura (Monster High)

Ambi (OC)

Wrathia Bellarmina (Ava's Demon)

Akira Tobitaka (Liar! Liar!)

Caspian (OC)


Kaden (Fire Emblem)

Lapis (Steven Universe)

Harry/Red Guy (Don't Hug Me I'm Scared)

Aradia Nitram (Homestuck Bloodswap AU)

Lady Zadkiel (Satan and Me)

Litten Evolution Line (Pokémon)

Junko Enoshima (Dangan Ronpa)


Questioning Kins:

Rinko Yamato (Ore Monogatari)

Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon)

Lavernius Tucker (Red Vs Blue)


When you finish reading this DM a picture of any of my kins to be accepted!