Bella The Akita

An Adoptable Dog in St. Louis, Missouri

Bella The Akita

An Adoptable Dog in St. Louis, Missouri

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Hi! I'm Bella!

I'm a 1-2 year old Akita that's available for adoption through Southern Akita Rescue Alliance, a program of the Big River Animal Society. I'm currently located in St. Louis, Missouri, but can be adopted out to other states. You can apply to adopt me here.


- I can be pretty shy and timid. I need a home where I can get comfy and let my personality shine! Due to my timidness and large size I'm not recommended for homes with small children.

- I'm relatively low energy in the house, I love laying around and lounging.

- I love walking! I really like sniffing too. I don't usually pull on walks and would love for my adopter to take me on lazy walks in their neighborhood so I can explore some new smells!

- I'm not big on chew toys. I like soft stuffies that I can toss around and catch. My favorite toy is a bunny that I gently carry around the house.

- I'm housebroken and good in a crate (although I take some coaxing to get in still, but we're getting there!). My upstairs neighbors also say I'm quiet in the house when my foster parents aren't around!

-I occasionally get the zoomies! I love getting hyper playing with my tennis ball or chasing my tail until I fall over in the yard.

- I'm NOT food aggressive. I gently take treats out of your hand. You can put your hand in my food bowl while I'm eating and I still won't get mad!

- I'm a good girl at the vet. I let them poke and prod me, play with my gums, paws, legs and eyes without putting up a fuss at all.

- I am a great travel companion. I LOVE car trips. I've traveled all over to states like Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland and Missouri!

- My foster parents live in a city. The sounds of being near a hospital, a highway and lots of people has not fazed me at all!

- I am indifferent to dogs we see on our walks. I don't bark at them, attempt to instigate or provoke reactions from them and will keep on walking.

- I could potentially be homed with a male dog after proper introductions.

- I let everyone that I meet shower me with pets and cuddles! I love being loved on.