Arabella Benson

San Diego

I’m Arabella, or Belle to my friends. I'm old enough to start lying about my age. I was born in New York City, but we relocated to Los Angeles when I was five, so I consider my self as being from L.A. I was raised in a big yellow house complete with a pool, in Hancock Park, free of any sibling interference.

A silly childhood, complete with divorced parents, our own plane, a castle on Sunset Blvd, a life size lincoln log style fort in Aspen Colorado, childhood leukemia, bankruptcy, bad haircuts, high school trauma and a ferret.

I am married to My Sweet Thomas and we live in El Cajon in a lovely atomic ranch, that will eventualy be a fabulous Dr No, Hugh Hefner type pad, but right now just barely holds all our crap. We have two very fine cats, Six very silly chickens, and a spotted dog

Career wise I’m kind of lost. Thinking about becoming a hairdresser, or maybe a cult leader.

I laugh at Monty Python, and reread Austen, Adams, and Lackey. I love tiki drinks and exotica music.

I am an unashamed geek. I actually go to SciFi Conventions and wear costumes, I even talk on panels about how to make costumes. I've won awards for my costumes from WorldCon to ComicCon.

When I'm not reading, I'm sewing elaborate historical or science fiction costumes, knitting, needle felting, gardening, feeding my chickens, playing World of Warcraft (For the Horde!)

Cooking is great, clean up afterward is ignored, and caloric intake disbelieved.
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