Belli the Brave

Adventurer and Daughter in Metro Manila, Philippines

Belli the Brave

Adventurer and Daughter in Metro Manila, Philippines

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We are raising funds for Izzy's medical expenses and and to help further research of this rare condition.


Cyra Isabelle - Izzy or Belli for short - is a very active, intelligent, bubbly, and funny toddler.

Izzy : Let’s keep going, it’s an adventure!

"Look how brave I was!!!"

(Izzy after MRI, April 8 2016)

On her birth month, October 2014, Izzy started to have difficulty walking, speaking, and keeping her balance, and was in pain. After x-ray results showed that it wasn’t a sprained ankle, Izzy went through an MRI procedure and it was confirmed: she had a tumor. Izzy took on her first surgery that same month, and celebrated her 2nd birthday in the hospital.

The next 6 months, we were beyond blessed to witness Izzy not just recover from such a unique experience in the life of a 2 year old, but thrive in every moment of her life. She discovered painting with Tati (her Ninang Patty), spent almost every afternoon at the park or playhouse, started shopping for preschools with Mommy and Daddy, and successfully walked down the aisle for her first ever flower girl role! She surprised us every day with her quick wit and sense of humor, delighted in her newfound love for books and singing, and her love has made us feel like the most blessed parents in the world.

In April 2016, Izzy began to have difficulty walking again, and as an articulate three-year-old, expressed she was experiencing pain from headaches. An MRI and her second surgery on April 14, 2016, followed.

Izzy’s condition is called Pilomyxoid Astrocytoma. First identified at the John Hopkins Hospital in 1999, this type of pediatric brain tumor has limited clinical experience and doctors are still developing research to better understand its behavior and the treatment for it. Our biopsy report from Johns Hopkins Medicine Comprehensive Brain Tumor Center indicated that the tumor has both pre-malignant and benign characteristics.

Both of Izzy’s surgeries resulted in incomplete resections. A small portion of the tumor was left behind each time, due to its sensitive location in the brain. At Izzy’s tender age, she will have to wait until she turns 4 this year to undergo chemotherapy or radiation therapy, which is at the moment the only way to target the remainder of the tumor.

Every day is a miracle, not only because of what Izzy has gone through and is still fighting, but because of the sheer joy of the unfolding of her life.