Hannah Bell

Dublin, California

I'm passionate about Performing Arts and all things fun! Since 2005, I have designed the life and career of my dreams, through the vision God gave me, and through countless hours of "Platinum Coaching." My message to the ladies whom I mentor is to find your acceptance, worth and identity in Jesus Christ FIRST...build a solid foundation with your family... then build your career around your passion, rather than building your passion around your current career. My husband and I love helping people figure out what is their passion in life, and figure out how to get paid for it. If you're interested in Platinum Coaching, inbox me and we can help you begin your journey to the life of your dreams too! The life of your dreams is a decision away! - Hannah Renee Bell

  • Work
    • The Official Team Platinum
  • Education
    • West Springfield High
    • West Springfield High School
    • Virginia Tech
    • George Washington University