James Bellis

James Bellis is a technology blogger and writer who aspires to be the next Sarahcuda!

Last week, in San Francisco, the lowly proles who work for Bay Area Rapid Transit went on strike. Tech columnist Sarah Lacy, who runs the incestuous startup publicity site PandoDaily, wants you to know how disgusted she is about this. How dare the transit workers have made life inconvenient for the only people who really matter, like the ones who are changing the world with their startups-- like Sarah Lacy and Paul Carr?

It’s too bad no one is working on disrupting BART," Sarah Lacy pouted-- and then parted some more-- in a recent post, her head surely spinning with dreams of equity-hungry Stanford dropouts dynamiting tunnels through mountainsides.

But it’s not in PandoDaily wherein Sarah Lacy’s views have been laid most bare. A recent quote provided to NPR in regards to BART problems shows that Lacy isn’t just anti-labor, but anti-reality: