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Hello - Thanks for visiting!

I'm Janice.

In the early 1990's many of you may or may not remember that teen pregnancy in the U.S was at it's highest especially here in Kentucky; and in 1991 I found myself on that list as a statistic.

I had my first child Shannon at age 16; my second child Shanice was born not long after at the age of 18. After Shanice's passing as result of her congenital birth defect 13 days before my 21st birthday; I gave birth to my last child Dwayne at the age of 22.

Today I'm single and at the age of 39 still living in Louisville, Kentucky and raising my son who will be turning 18 next year and going off to college.

I know that I am blessed, that a higher spiritual power that I can't yet explain has guided me all this time. It's been a very long journey; but there's a plan for me that I'd like to share with you and knowing that makes life that much more beautiful.

I began the blog because I want teenage parents the old and the new who were just like me to know that there is life even after surviving the stigmatism of being a teen parent.

I'm a firm believer that beauty comes from within, that everything happens for a reason and that its our own unique qualities that makes us who we are today. We need to value thouse qualities and celebrate!

Lastly, I hope to share the results of my curiosities of living life after teen parenting with you, in hopes that you can catch a glimpse into this exciting, fascinating, and beautiful world in which we live.