Kate Bell

Kate Bell

As a 20-year career PR vet I can turn my head, and often do, to just about anything. I love nothing more than working on communications programmes that have CSR or human interest angle - working with underprivileged children or those with special needs are a particular favourite.

I am a self employed communications professional, who enjoys the variety and flexibility my freelance role brings.

Having worked in the Middle East for the last 20 years, I have a unique insight in to what makes this region's media tick, and how to get the best out of them. The landscape has changed dramatically in the last decade, and while most would says it's a young persons game, I feel that 'making old new again' can often provide a new perspective on old communications methods.

Cross pollination and reciprocity are the key ingredients for good communications in this day and age - collaborators are welcome to get in touch.

On a personal note

A late 30-something female, who is just starting to understand what it means to be happy, while learning to embrace the profane.

I've had a home in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) since 1987 and have been a citizen of the world since I was two years-old. While I am a British passport holder, I don't feel quintessentially British - that being said, I won't stand for anyone critising the Monarcy - Liz does a fantastic job, and long may she reign!

Some would call me aloof, some would call me funny; I certainly march to the beat of my own drum. I prefer simple food, am a regular user of Dubai's public transport (buses included) and love walking around shopping malls without buying anything - it's a new art form for me!

I love reading, photography, visting historical buildings, Monty Python, Kevin Smith, listening to live music (particularly metal) and a pint of cold cider, or Tiger beer if I can get one and like nothing better than spending time on England's waterways and canals!

I have a strong dislike (no hating here) for nightclubs, artichokes, bullys, racists and whiners.