Cut Couple

Dayton OH

Cut and Couple is a store that offers a wide variety of hydraulic and multi-purpose industrial hoses, as well as as hose accessories and parts that help to make its hoses functional and more powerful. The company welcomes orders via the web and ensures that all its goods are not only top quality but also affordable.

Some of the many industries which Cut and Couple services include the railway industry, lawn and garden businesses, service stations, construction companies and also waste management plants. The store has lots of industrial hose choices, including PVC hoses, petroleum hoses, steam hoses and multipurpose hoses. The store also has ten different hydraulic hoses and seven hydraulic hose fittings for sale.

The store accepts many different credit card and debit card payment possibilities and offers prompt shipping and delivery on all products. Because Cut and Couple maintains common hose assemblies on hand , it can supply these quickly to any business. The store employees possess decades of experience between them and the store recently expanded its faciliti es so as to be able to offer you customized products as and when needed.
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