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Bell Revue


I have always loved watching films; from a very early age my father introduced me to classics like The Thin Man Series, Casablanca, and Arsenic & Old Lace. I also love musicals, I danced when I was younger for about 18 years. My first and favorite musical would have to be Singing in the Rain; which is about an historical event in the movie industry. I enjoy these films and consider them to be some of my top favorites and most recommended. I went to school for history so I have a love of historical films as well, another reason why Singing in the Rain is a favorite of mine.
I created to write about current films and up coming movies. Most of the films I will be reviewing are ones I am interested in. I am not getting paid to review these films so I have no incentive to go see movies I know I will not enjoy ex: Romance and Horror. I also am heavily influenced by tech media and feminist ideas.
At a very young age my mother introduced me to re-runs of the Batman 60's TV show and the Original Star Trek series. I fell in love with heroes in tights and captains on space ships. It was not long until I was buying comic books and watching Star Wars repeatedly even though I feared Darth Vader. My favorite TV Shows of the 90’s were cartoon network’s Batman & Justice League animated series. I still enjoy watching those shows and have been known to be biased when it comes to DC comic characters. I have a love of 80’s Jem and the Holograms as well as She-Ra. I also have been known to express my affection for Scooby-Doo, but not scrappy. I enjoy live action shows of the police/detective dramas variety. was created out of my love of the CW’s show Arrow and the weekly comic that accompanies the show. I have been reviewing the comic on my blog for sometime. I also am doing arrow-a-day where I choose a random picture from the show and discuss its significance.

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