Tracey Bell

Tracey Bell, the award winning celebrity impersonator, has been nominated four times for the Canadian Entertainer of the Year. Which she had already won in 2005. She won the 2009 BC Event Industry Entertainer of the Year Award. She is the star of the award winning film Impersona.

Tracey Bell has done numerous guest appearances on shows such as The X-Files, Reindeer Games, Murder at Cannes, and Becoming Dick. Tracey is well-known for her celebrity impersonations of Cher, Marilyn Monroe, Tina Turner, Madonna, Celine Dion, Dolly Parton and Shania Twain. Bell has entertained at many shows like Best Buy Awards, Canadian Homebuilders Awards, Consumer Choice Awards and much more. She has performed her show "8 Divas in 44 Minutes" for hundreds of groups of people from all around the world. She gets the whole audience involved in the show. The audience does everything from dressing up, helping with dance steps, playing the air guitar and more.

Bell has stated, "It's a fantasy concert where I turn guests into co-stars." She says, "I've been developing the show for years and there's a formula to it." She likes how the energy builds from the audience as they cheer for their friends and for Bell herself. She continues, "I win them over with each character, changing into great wigs and costumes in just seconds. It's a high energy show with great music and comedy. Tracey loves to make people laugh and to show everyone that it is ok to be silly sometimes. can help you hire Tracey Bell for your next event, convention, trade show or award show. This one woman show is bound to bring down the house as she did in her first impression of Tina Turner. Since then she has performed for many special events, corporations and for dozens of charities. Tracey's high energy show inspires the audience to play along with her. On the corporate entertainers website there are testimonials from people who have hired Tracey Bell for their event. All of which are great reviews and testimonials. Hyatt Regency says, "Fantastic! The world's largest office party will never be the same." Call corporate entertainers today and hire Tracey Bell for a show you w