Juan Pablo Belmar

Santiago de Chile

Construction Engineer from Chile, with extensive technical and human values ​​clear , proactive and flexible to change, responsible , always willing to learn new things and find new challenges knowledge.

I like to get the best out of each and every one of those around me . All people are good and excellent at something. Find that something and drawing on towards common interests is a duty of every professional.

I like to see and tell things differently. Find new angles , viewpoints . I like learning and I like to teach what I learn and share that knowledge.

Despite being a recent graduate and have little experience as a professional , I have more than 6 years working in the area of Construction. Same time I was finished my studies , and I have the capacity to provide new ideas , and develop new ways of working to help meet the main objective of the projects entrusted to me .

Able to perform efficiently , either independently or as part of a workgroup. Good problem solving , focused and methodical, work well under pressure. I believe in the importance of lifelong learning , because new technical knowledge are acquired , which you can adapt to new trends and technologies, which optimize the execution time of projects and reducing development costs of these .

Attentive to their concerns ,

Juan Pablo Belmar

  • Work
    • Construction Enginner
  • Education
    • Duoc de las Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile