Amy lives in east TN. She and her family moved there in 2012, where they temporarily lived in an apartment, until God opened up a way to have a house of their own.

Amy saw a need in her apartment community and started a Kid's Club for her son and the neighborhood children. Once a week, throughout the year, she and the children got together to do an activity together.

The children and Amy have been getting together for a year now. Even after moving out of their apartment, Amy has assured the children that, Lord willing, she will still come for Kid's Club. Amy has grown relationships with the children and their families and realizes how important it is to the children that she doesn't just disappear out of their lives; she is willing to take on that responsibility. She knows how our relationship with others can impact our view and relationship with God.

During this past year, Amy has kept a prayer log for her and the children. Praying not only that God would give her and her family wisdom with the children and their families, but also that the families would be drawn to God and experience His great love for them, through their gatherings.

Amy has seen God at work in the children's lives and in her own as she's prayed, loved and mentored.

If you feel God tugging on your heart would you please pray for Beloved Ministries? Prayers are always appreciated and basically this is why this page was started.

Thank you and God bless!