Belson Heng

Web Developer, Photographer, and Software Engineer in Singapore

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I'm not different. Just special (:

I can turn caffeine into code and munch binary all day long. I live, breathe and work with web technologies to ensure creative ideas are transformed into awesome web sites.

As a web enthusiast, I juggle and multi-task extremely well, with incomplete skillset that would only be complete the day I breathe my last - there's always new stuff to learn, isn't it? Tight deadlines are fun and they constantly remind me how good my time management skill is! If I'm stressed, I just have to remember how simple things like breathing can make me smile.

On a side note, I do have a love affair with photoshop and it's official. It dated back to 2004 when I first discovered I have the heart of a designer. Ever since, design has always been my passion, and web development is my playground.

Living in a digital age, I believe I'm not here simply to breathe and live my life, but something more - I'm here to make an impact, because I'm special (: