Ahmed M. EL-Beltagy

Cairo, Egypt

I'm Ahmed EL-Beltagy Senior student in Arab Academy for Science and Technology Cairo branch, Engineering college, Mechatronics Program.

I'm former Project Manager at Enactus AAST, I have worked at Enactus for 3 years in Sewing For Hope, Golden Wealth, Salicornia&Mangrove and Benaa Projects, In my first year, I was project member, then, in second year, vice project manager, and finally in the last year I was project manager, I get award of best member and my team was the best team in 2012 at Enactus AAST, and we get 2 awards in 2012 in sewing for hope project.

Now i decided to connect what I have learned in 5 years in college with what i have learned in 3 years in Enactus, and i created RobEn (Robotic Entrepreneur) that I will teach students how to work in their field and to teach them how to work with a team before Graduation, and now i'm working to get high impact and increase knowledge for all students, not only Mechatronics students but also all students in all fields even if they are business, logistics or mass communication students by making robots, Researches, devolping our work, Human Resource, Finance, feasibility stude, sponsors, media, IT, Designers and photographers. ((RobEn is to do what you want to do and what you like to do))

I've got extra courses in managment, leadership skills, microcontroller, AutoCAD and Presentation skills.

Note: i'm still not good in presentations BTW :D

I was a trainee at zietco Co. and Schlumberger Co.

  • Work
    • RobEn AAST
  • Education
    • Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Cairo Branch