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Belt and Road

Silk is recognized to be luxurious and costly fabric material. It is said to become stronger than steel for this has fiber that which has got the same diameter as to the dietary fiber of steel. It was very first developed in China and today has various variations. You could find silk that cam through cocoons of different silkworm which has different property that is helpful. But you may wonder about the text of silk to the popular Silk Road. So here may be the history of the Silk Street for you to understand their link.

Belt and Road

The “Seidenstraße” which actually mean “Silk Road” was handed by a German geographer Ferdinand von Richthofen. Silk Highway is a trade route which originated from Chang’an (now Xian) in the east and finished at the Mediterranean in the west that began during Han Empire. It was stated in history it gradually grew up in this empire. It became the most famous trade path and reached the most profitable stage with the establishment associated with Tang dynasty. And during the actual Yuan dynasty, it skilled its last flourishing time period.