Donny Tyrone Beltgens

I am Donny Tyrone Beltgens a designer currently living in the Netherlands with my wife Mega. I am an entrepreneur who is an DESIGN, ART and MUSIC lover! Who believes creativity is the main source of INNOVATION.

You probably came to this website because you got my business card. That means you're interested in me. Am I right?

In that case... Do not hesitate to contact me. And I will be happy to send you work that we did. And with 'we', I mean... my wife Mega Beltgens (find her at

We do: Weddings (invitations, menus, name cards time capsules, and complete styling), Birth cards, Personal logos, Business logos, Corporate style guides, Business cards, Window-signs, basically everything that can be printed or needs designing

I hope to hear from you!

(+31)625106360 ,