Beltline Bar

Mexican Restaurant in Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Established by George Wilkinson in the early 1950s, The Beltline Bar was originally a casual Grand Rapids eatery known for its chili dogs, popcorn, beer, and wine. The Beltline Bar came under the ownership of Tony Rutkowski in the 1960s, and his son Jerry created a menu of select Mexican dishes, including the Famous Wet Burrito.

Today, Beltline Bar & Mexican Cafe is owned by the owners of the Bagel Beanery, who also own and operate two Sundance Grill restaurants. In October, 2015, the establishment served its five millionth Famous Wet Burrito, which combines refried beans, ground beef, shredded lettuce, and tomato in an oversized flour tortilla. The burrito is smothered with a house made sauce that has been handed down through the generations and topped with melted Colby cheese.

The Beltline Bar offers a host of other popular menu items, from hamburgers to mesquite-seasoned shrimp fajitas. Appetizers include freshly made guacamole and the popular loaded chips and cheese dish, which incorporates homemade tortilla chips and a topping of ham, ground beef, jalapenos, vegetables, and seasonings.