Lance Beltran

Here is some information about my great team and some of the accolades they have earned:

Breakingviews (team) won in the Opinion/Column category for its punchy and agenda-setting commentary sampling that looked at looked at economies, markets and companies. And, Scott McCleskey of Complinet, now part of Thomson Reuters Professional (Legal division), also won an award in this category for his column for its penetrating and original analysis of the Dodd Frank Act.

Our 4-month investigation of Wellpoint (Murray Waas, Lewis Krauskopf and Jim Impoco), showed that the health insurer targeted breast cancer patients to cancel their policies, was a winner in the SABEW’s Investigative category. This joint project by Murray Waas and Reuters was a example of how combing records, interviewing and analyzing materials can result in an agenda-setting story.

“Hats off to the winners!” said Jack Reerink, Reuters managing editor for the United States and Canada. “Your work really showed off our focus on agenda-setting, original reporting, and telling the story in the best way possible.”