Beltran Ignacio Gonzalez Panizo

Madrid, Spain

Beltran Ignacio Gonzalez Panizo

Madrid, Spain

"Behind every human decision, there is a rational thinking, and only the one who can understand everything behind it may identify a need in the consumers mind"

Personal Rules of Advertising + Marketing:

Study your Target - Search for the Insight with the consumer and Potential Target

Study your Market - Analize Market and Competition

Perform the Best Strategy to acomplish the client´s Briefing (Short term)

Build Brand Loyalty ( Long Term Perception and Identity)

Use Technology and more efective tools to reach your desired target

Search -> Analize -> Plan -> Create -> Persuade

Look -> Aim -> Shoot -> Capture

  • Work
    • Advertising and Marketing
  • Education
    • University of California Irvine
    • Universidad Europea De Madrid