Isabel Assunção

Spokane, WA


As you can see, my name is Isabel. I was born in September 1994 (do the match!) haha

I have a LOT of dreams, and one of them was to move to the United States.. Now, I'm in Moody Bible Institute! God always make our dreams come true, IF our dreams are the same of His.

I'm a Ballerina since I was five years old, and dance is my passion. I can't imagine myself without dance. When I'm in the supermarket or some place with a 'good floor', I start dancing. (True)

I'm a Christian, and I belive Jesus as my one and only savior. This is the most important thing about me.

Want to know more? Please, feel free to add me on facebook! (links down here..)

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    • Moody Bible Institute