Ben Akar

gaming videos in London, United Kingdom

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My name is Benjamin Akar but on YouTube my name is "Ben Iconic Akar". i put Ben for short and iconic in the middle to add something special. I added Iconic to make a channel were i can bring people together to watch and to be known by being myself and not acting like someone else. I am 17 years old. I do gaming on my channel. My favourite thing to watch and play is wwe and i have been watching wwe since the age of 7. My favourite anime is "naruto". One of my Dreams is to be a be a big YouTuber and become one of the greatest ones of all time. I want youtube to be my main source of income and my dream would be to gain way past a 100k subscribers. So it can help to get things to help my youtube experience and get things in the future. I also want to try help a lot of people get a lot of subscribers as well so they can also achieve their dreams.