Ben Appenzeller

San Francisco, CA

Over the course of my career, I have worked in marketing, strategy consulting, product development, and business design. I believe that transformative change happens at the intersection of viability (organization), desirability (human), and feasibility (technology). To that end, I am laser focused on U/X and believe strongly in rapid prototyping and asking for forgiveness rather than permission when pushing forward with testing out new ideas.

At IDEO they had a term called "T-shape" meaning that you're deep in one discipline and have a core understanding of the rest. That's pretty much me. For my latest startup, (ETSY for food), I assembled and led a team of developers and marketers, while personally creating the product design, professional photography, U/X and business strategy.

As a sometimes entrepreneur, sometimes intrapreneur, I strive to create disruption that helps others and of which I can be proud.

  • Education
    • Columbia MBA 2010