Ben Butkowski


I'm a 21 years old and a current student at the University of Tennessee. I’m studying in Knoxville to attain my Masters in Business Administration with a collateral in Entrepreneurship. My schooling has fostered my creativity, work ethic and my ability to connect with people. In the future, I hope that I am able to work for a company that can utilize my talents and continue to help me build upon my others skills.
Growing up I was constantly moving from city to city. Now I am fortunate enough to be consistently located in Knoxville, while growing up through the Southeast in Memphis, New Orleans, Jacksonville, and Shreveport I was able to learn the importance of networking and connecting with the people around me. I have additionally fostered my personal skills through my job with a MillerCoors Distributing Company. While there I was able to learn to connect with many people on a daily basis in a professional manner. After my work with them, I was extended a job offer from another MillerCoors Distributing Company to be Brand Team Manager of the Knoxville Municipal area due to my skills with local buyers and an increase in sales.
Given my consistent traveling at a younger age, I have consistently been challenged to reach out to new people which has taught me the importance of establishing tangible relationships with people. Ultimately given my exposure to new people and the beer market industry, I look to own and distribute my own beer in the future. Utilizing my knowledge of Business entrepreneurship, my goal is to create a profitable company that is equally sociable.

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