Ben Gay III

Ben gay III, started at 14 years old he, worked continuously as a commissioned salesman. Since then at 18, he became the #1 salesperson. At Macys / Atlanta, As well as the youngest buyer. At age 27 he was president of what was then the world’s largest direct sales / network marketing company, having been personally trained by fellow sales legends J. Douglas Edwards, Dr. Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, William Penn Patrick, among others.

Today: Ben, writes, publishes and produces, now one of the most Famous, Popular and Powerful Sales Trainers In the world, “The closers” series of Books, audios, Videos, newsletters, tele-trainings, live seminars, a series that is considered to be: “The foundation of professional selling.”

Ben, is the founder and currently the Executive Director of the National Association of Professional Salespeople! Ben Gay III, the person who has the unique ability to talk to your salespeople right where they are, in terms they can easily relate to. While sharing fascinating anecdotes about his career, Ben Gay III dispenses selling tips, techniques, and secrets. You'll discover: the keys to sales success: always sell a competitively priced, quality product to qualified customers. "How a closer thinks": The secret of sales closing power "How to get the sale that day" : How your success depends on the effectiveness of your sales presentations, telephone sales scripts, and direct mail letters and much, much more! Ben gay III...the person who introduced the sales world to "the closers" series of books, cassette programs, newsletters, videos and live seminars (the most popular, most powerful sales training material ever produced!

Ben gay of the few sales trainers who personally still sells, products and services every single day (his own and those of client companies).

In 1976, Ben launched the “800 number” call center industry by founding “the national communications center” which totally changed the way we all shop and communicate Today! He proved to be nothing less than what his Amazing Mentors thought, which is to be Amazing!