Ben Hayes

Researcher and Consultant in Totnes, United Kingdom

I have worked with the civil liberties .org Statewatch since 1996 (though I’m no longer on the staff), am a Fellow of the Transnational Institute, an Associate of the Human Security Collective, and a researcher at the Peace Research Institute Oslo. I also work as an independent consultant. My counter-terrorism work includes ground-breaking research into the proliferation and impact of terrorist ‘blacklists’ (e.g. on human rights and conflict resolution) and the impact of counter-terrorism laws on charities, development and ‘civil society’ organisations. With colleagues at Statewatch I conducted the only comprehensive review to date of the scope and democratic legitimacy of EU counter-terrorism policy for the SECILE project. I also helped set-up the counter-terrorism programme at the European Center on Constitutional and Human Rights. I’m particularly interested in the behaviour of corporations in this arena and my 2009 investigation into the European Security-Industrial Complex (the "NeoConOpticon") was downloaded over a million times, and catalysed reform of EU security research policy. I've participated in EU research policy Advisory Groups on societal impact, dual use and privacy-by-design, and regularly sit on Ethics Panels for the European Research Council and the European Commission. I've also co-authored several reports commissioned by the European Parliament. Following Ed Snowden's revelations I’ve helped privacy, civil liberties and humanitarian .orgs around the world think through their implications. Upon request I’ve given written evidence to the ongoing Parliamentary Inquiry in Germany and developed ideas for international reform for Open Society Foundations. Working with Trilateral Research, I’ve also conducted large scale privacy and data protection impact assessments for organisations like the UN High Commission on Refugees and the International Committee of the Red Cross. Over many years I’ve documented the construction of ‘Fortress Europe’ and its impact on the rights of migrants and refugees. Finally, I’ve just finished a (crowd-funded) book on climate change and international security that will be published by Pluto in November 2015. The book analyses the implications of re-framing climate change as a security issue, rather than an environmental justice one.

Page updated November 2015.

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