Ben Norton

London, England

In the words of Agent Smith; it appears that I have two lives. By day; a commercially driven, relationship focused consultant with 14 years’ experience working with complex organisations and technology partners delivering digital innovation across the global marketing supply chain......

The rest of the time I am moving towards functional fitness as a career rather than a singular obsession (starting my PT Level 3 shortly). I have been active in some form of sports and/or fitness from as early as I can remember. Football and cycling dominated the early years until motorbikes, paintball, fell-walking and running replaced them. I was a gym lizard from early 20's and got big (101kg), then injured... 12 years ago I started understanding nutrition a little better via boxing, this moved to calisthenics, Krav Maga, YAYOG, TRX and now Crossfit.

When I am not doing all that I spend my time wondering how I have ended up with three children; when I might be able to afford a 911 Carrera RS (it may involve leverage of the aforementioned children) and how I will get to spend more time with my beautiful wife. Oh yes, I also love fast road driving, West Ham (FC) ALL forms of motorsport, and international Rugby Union. Simple thing, life….

  • Work
    • Change Consultant
  • Education
    • Up to A-Level (UK)