Ben Park

Athens, Georgia

My name is Ben Park. I am Korean-American, 19 years old, and was born in Georgia, lived in Tennessee, and moved back for college. College has been possibly been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love college. Everything about college is amazing. College has changed my point of view on life, allowing me to realize that living under my parents I was unable to truly live and thrive. I hope college never ends. I also enjoy being very social and having a great time in anything that I do. I live for no regrets in life so regardless of whatever stupid things I do (which happens quite often) I have to live with the consequences and keep moving on! If you ever see me, say hi and get to know me, I will never turn a friendly person down. :D

  • Education
    • Chattahoochee High School
    • Collierville High School
    • University of Georgia