Ben Russell

Queensland, Australia

My name is Ben.


From Queensland, Australia.


Believe it or not, I'm a newbie when it comes to K-Pop. The first time I noticed South Korea was when I watched a Korean drama called, "The Greatest Love."I absolutely adored that show (to this day, it is still my favourite drama).That was back in 2012. That same year, my friend showed me some K-Pop MV's that I didn't really take much notice of. These are my earliest encounters with K-Pop culture.

After watching another K-Drama by the name of "You're Beautiful,"I researched the actors involved. I found out two of them were actually in a band, and those bands made good music! (They turned out to be FT Islandand CNBlue). From there, I started to take interest in K-Pop.

I looked up K-Pop songs on Youtube, and sure enough, I found the master of all K-Pop charts. DJ Digital's Top 100helped me discover what I loved and what I didn't care for in the world of K-Pop.

From there, I found the first K-Pop song I've ever been obsessed with. It was T-ARA's "Number 9."I was a newbie. I didn't know a thing about the insane world of scandals, I only knew that some songs were cute, some songs were sexy, and some were truly electrifying!

"What made you start making charts?"Is a question I've often been asked.

My first ever chart was released on the 28th of January, 2014.

I began making my own charts because I was fed up with seeing my favourite artists get low positions. It was worse to see most charts completely ignore underrated and talented artists. So I decided to do my own thing, and make my own charts based on my own opinions.

My fan-base grew slowly, sometimes getting two or three thousand views per chart. I knew that if I wanted to get underrated artists some exposure, I needed to reach a wider audience. That's when I decided to allow my viewers to vote for their favourite songs, and give them the power to decide who will be the #1 Champion each week. I still make charts that display my personal favourite K-Pop songs too, which now has more exposure.