Ben Talar

Ben Talar made his first 40 mins long production in 2006. "C@ught in the net" was presented at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia (awards for acting and music in Gliwice). The film was broadcasted on Kino Polska and Canal+. In 2010 it was re-edited as short called "In the net". His next film was "Latino Cracow", nominated in 2008 for OFFskar - best documentary. It was broadcasted worldwide on TV Polonia. Next year he made two crime movies: "Deadly Recording" (starring Bodo Kox) and "Blind Fate", which are available on DVD in Amazon store. Talar produced "Antek" which won Bronze Medaille on International Unica 2010 Competition. In 2011 he directed an USA-Danish-Polish co-production called "The Soul Collector" starring Klara Landrat.