Ben Wilkes


Accomplished and entrepreneurial Senior Business Executive and Headhunter, with a strong commercial record of building successful businesses focused at delivering solutions to large enterprises, whilst working with both small venture back companies and large multinationals.

Business Development: Successful in establishing new business, across diverse geographies and cultures, throughout career. Driven by a natural curiosity in both technology and business to seek out the new and noteworthy pathways. Proven ability to drive strong performance with co-workers and internals.

Client Relationships: Confident and assured in building partnerships at C level and beyond.

People Leadership: Strives to embody in his own work a model for others to follow, infusing leadership into every aspect of job performance. Demonstrably capable of providing strong, decisive and reassuring leadership through tough times.

Transformation: Experienced and untroubled working in changing environments, and always looking for ways to make the most of a situation.

Business Management: Experienced in managing a department to financial success, encompassing all pre and post sales, accounting and legal accountabilities.

Specialties: Enterprise sales leadership, Team leader for small tech companies, strategic thinker, business focused. Solutions focused with expertise in ISP, cloud & Industrial Hardware IT services, professional services.

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