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Ben Castle


I've been a creative type since the day I got my first gold star for finger painting. I have a huge passion for client relations, social media and online content, photography, film, music, pop-culture and Arsenal Football Club.

I'm a sociology grad who has worked in a variety of stakeholder management, writing and project management roles for the Australian Government in Melbourne, before picking up my life and moving it over to London. Whilst there I worked as an analyst for a consultancy company, met some lifelong friends and travelled all around the country and Europe.

I'm now back in Melbourne working as a freelance copywriter. If you're looking for a dedicated and passionate writer, who can offer a unique and fresh perspective, why not go ahead and click the ol' 'Email Me' button. It'll be worth it, I promise.

  • Education
    • Bachelor of Arts - Sociology
    • Diploma of Liberal Arts