Ben DelCastillo

Ben DelCastillo

Ben is a Bay Area comic, and has been for a few years now. Why haven't you seen him yet? It's ok, he'll go to you. But just so it won't be so awkward when you guys meet, here are some things about him:

Real Name: Benedict Del Castillo

Favorites: Comedy & comedy related things, basketball, the Incredible Hulk. Going onstage, writing jokes (like I said, comedy related stuff.) Girls.

Comedy Influences: Louis CK, George Lopez, Richard Pryor, Bill Cosby, Norm MacDonald, Bill Burr & Weird Al Carrottopavic.

About my Comedy: "Look, I'm still learning. I've been doing stand up for a few years now and while I'm getting the grasp of it, I'm still learning...and I hope to always be learning when it comes to comedy until I die or until comedy is regarded as ''gay.'' So I don't know what my style is like, really. Who cares since it might be different in the future? And it should be. So, who cares? Anyway, I've been told that I sometimes sound like Norm MacDonald."


12/15 Last Laugh (Oakland)

12/18 The Brittania Arms (Aptos)

12/20 Rooster T. Feathers (Sunnyvale)

12/27 Blue Lagoon (Santa Cruz)'s it for right now?!

(Also, EVERY MONDAYS at 10PM, I produce an Open-Mic at the Branham Lounge located on 1116 Branham Lane in San Jose, CA)