Ben Kinsler

Ben Kinsler is a blogger and writers who focuses on foreign policy and the intersection of domestic public opinion and decisions to take the nation to war-- focusing on decisions to go to war in Afghanistand (good) and Iraq (bad).

From one of my blog posts: Sometimes an article comes along that is so good and so comprehensive and so...well...perfect...that there is no way for a blogger to whittle it down and pull out the salient points and provide commentary.

Murray Waas has just published the magnum opus on the Plame Affair. It's long, but everyone should read it.Waas reveals the basic outlines of a much larger conspiracy.

And it all goes back to the those dreaded aluminum tubes. Let's get in our time machines and go back in time to September of 2002. The decision to invade Iraq was probably made in April of 2002, but it was in August that the White House Iraq Group (WHIG) was formed. They formulated the public relations strategy that would set the nation on a course for preemptive war. The campaign began after Labor Day. When the New York Times, asked chief-of-staff Andrew Card why they had waited until after Labor Day, Card responded with his infamous:

"From a marketing point of view, you don't introduce new products in August."-- and to serve as justification for a tough line on Iraq.