As a writer, I find myself as an unexpected sun shower, sudden, surreal, and inconsistent in several ways. Dark clouds don't cover my pieces with looming shadows and eerie feelings, but I still portray some chilling features. Light and optimism are most always visible when I right, but there's no getting away from the fact that you're in the rain. Quick, light, and pouring out writing in unpredictable fasions, my expression through writing ranges from the briefest of downpours to long, pleasant rains. Occasionally the clouds of planning and preparation can be seen long before the first trickles of rain come down, but I also have a tendency to simply let all that I have to offer come down in a monsoon with no warning. Neither way can be predicted from the sun shower of a writer I am, resulting in several tries on the same subject, none of which are the same. I've lost count of the amount of copies I've written for this biography. With unexpected suprises and spurts of unusual literature, I truly resemble a sun shower as a writer, drip-dropping words on to a blank canvas.

Ben S.

Photo by Gene Spesard