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Ben Sanders

Ben Sanders

Hi, my name is Ben Sanders and I am a first-year student at The Ohio State University.

During EHE 1100 Survey Class, one of the main focuses was identifying your strengths, and understanding how these strengths can be best utilized academically, socially, and emotionally. One of my top strengths was "Achiever". This did not surprise me. Throughout my life I have always been a hard-working individual always striving to perform to the best of my ability. No matter if it was school-work, sports, or any other aspect of my life, succeeding and/or achieving my goals has always been a crucial element of my life. So, having "Achiever" as one of my top strengths was parallel my current goals as a student at Ohio State and my plan of attending medical school.

Coming from New Jersey to Ohio State, the football traditions were very new to me. Early on, I recognized how important Buckeye football is to the Ohio State community and was something I embraced as soon as I stepped on campus. My favorite Ohio State tradition is the victory bell. After every Ohio State win, the bell located in Ohio Stadium rings and echoes throughout campus. This is my favorite tradition because it reminds me how lucky I am to be part of such an amazing school with rich tradition in history. My time at Ohio State will end one day, but I was always be part of the Buckeye community. No matter where I am, I know on any given Saturday after an Ohio State win, the victory bell will continue to ring.

Although it is only my first semester at Ohio State, I am working toward reaching my dream profession. From early on, due to my exposure to sports injuries, I gained an interest in orthopedics. My goal is to earn a degree in Exercise Science and then attend medical school, planning to pursue orthopedic surgery. Attending medical school is an additional four years after obtaining an undergraduate degree. Then, to become an orthopedic surgeon, another 2-4 years in a residency program must be completed with a possible fellowship and/or internship. From the dream job assignment, I was able to identify the different components to becoming an orthopedic surgeon, and I am looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead in this rewarding journey.