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Ben Silverstein

Work in NYC in Digital Advertising. Live on coffee and cocktails, love to cook, work out, party, and I don't sleep.

Currently work at Brand Programming Network (BPN) as a Digital Media Planner. Previously worked at Universal McCann, The Media Kitchen, and QCI Direct (Rochester, NY).

Attended the College of Charleston and earned a degree in Business Administration with a Marketing Concentration as well as extensive studies in Corporate Communications.

Was a swimmer my whole life, including four years at the NCAA Division I level and am extremely competitive in everything I do.

Have a blog that pretty well sums up everything I enjoy.

Important things to remember about me: Lets Go Buff-a-lo!, I’ll always take another coffee or another beer, I dare you to grill a better steak than me, I don’t like sleeping more than 6 hours a night, and if you think you can beat me in anything, good luck.