Benjamin Streeter

Videographer, Student, and Research Assistant in Nashville, Tennessee, United States

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Mechanical Engineering is what's officially on the major, but classes and experience in videography and communication shouldn't be left out either. I want to bring the engineering mindset to videography to produce stellar results: that's when the fun starts 😉. Meanwhile, I'm constantly learning and constantly producing content.

I've lived all around the US, so any place can be home. Just spent 6 months abroad that were fantastic, and I vlogged it too (see YouTube channel below).


Current work:

Lead producer, videographer, and editor for Vanderbilt University

Research assistant for Stanford Political Science department

Freelance work


Selection of videos (YouTube playlist):

Photo portfolio (Google Photos album):

Current videos in the works: Student and Lab portfolio videos for Vanderbilt University Engineering, music video, and likely some more too!

  • Work
    • Vanderbilt University
  • Education
    • Vanderbilt University