Ben Weiner

Greetings, if you are on this page, it is likely that I referred you here for booking information! I'm pleased you are interested in finding out more about what services I have to offer. For now, please contact me through my email or this website. My email address is

I am in several gigging bands that offer a wide variety of music, and I also play an ever growing solo repetoire mostly live on accordion these days for portability, but I am most skilled at piano performance. Genres of music and groups I play in range from the Church Marching Band, a street gypsy marching band with a bombastic approach to street and eastern music, Pickled Red Beats, a klezmer quartet with a smidge of gypsy jazz and folk, my very own Big Fucking Band which plays a strange attack at Folk Rock and ecclectica. The list continues, but those are the most active. :)

My preferred rate for a Ben Weiner's Big Fucking Band show is $300 to cover band costs and put some money into our band fund for future projects. Price can be negotiated depending on the financial means of the booking party and other equivalents or alternative payment methods.

For Pickled Red Beats we charge by the hour. At $100 dollars an hour we have a 2 hour minimum, and we will negotiate on a case by case basis for shows.

The Church Marching Band can be contacted through our email: We charge a $500 dollar minimum as we are in an active part of our fundraising cycle to get to the next Honkfest!, this time in Boston. For $500 dollars though, you can get a few good sets of crazy, intense, dance your feet off music and a whole marching band to bring the party along with them. Guaranteed good time. Unless you only like bad things.