Ben Williams

I'm a professional British journalist and broadcaster originally from rural (and rather sleepy) Bedfordshire but now plying my trade in Sheffield.

Since gaining my Journalism BA(Hons) from the University of Sheffield and my NCTJ trainee grade I've been rushing around the country like a travelling door-to-door journalist.

I've recently been Chief Web Editor over at Forge Media and Head of Technology at Forge Television.

Currently I'm satisfying my nerdy ways as editor for Gamer UK.

As somewhat of a journalism addict I also happen to be a reporter for the Postcode Gazette which is continuing its early tests in Sheffield.

I'm a British ice hockey fan (and occasional reporter), absolute geek and free speech advocate.

Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, Photoshop, GIMP, After Effects, Adobe Audition, InDesign, HTML, CSS, JAVA, C++(Beginner), Wordpress, Illustrator, iMovie, Audacity, Burli, Mag+.