Ben Coleman

I'm an executive chef working in the world of the US Marine Corps. I am originally from Oklahoma, lived in Germany for the past five years working with the wounded returning from Iraq/Afghanistan. Just recently I moved to O'ahu, so let the new chapter begin :-)

I enjoy life, the beauty that surrounds me, and anything that inspires. I love locally grown "mom and pop" restaurants, crisp fall days, farmers markets, the smell of an old cathedral. You will always find me with a camera in one hand and my foot out the door, or driving in my bimmer with the windows open jammin to what's new that I just downloaded. I love my family and friends, throwing creative dinner parties at home and I'm a complete romantic. I like finding new places off the beaten path all around the world.

I'm passionate and comfortable in my own skin most of the time, and try and keep things light, real, with a lot of care. I give a lot to my significant other including respect and appreciation, of which I generally feel the same in return would be most legit. I have found communication, understanding, and accountability to be critical elements in relationships with me. I enjoy current events and with friendly conversation to go with to be a blast. I enjoy stirring the pot a little and then laughing after, if you take yourself seriously have a beer before we meet. I grew-up in Oklahoma so I tend to be on the conservative side. I love to travel, adore art, and love live performances of any kind. I work out quite a bit, although enjoy time to relax and sleep in as well.
My Interests- Traveling and seeing new places. Cooking. Taking pictures of friends/family & especially of the food I prepare. Here lately, I've been very interested in shopping at thrift stores & flea markets. Mostly antique shopping. I collect vintage cameras and wine accessories.
My affinity for food- Butter, salt, fat, foie gras, brioche, red wine gastrique, bone marrow, eggs cooked any which way, fresh cracked black pepper, gourmet coffees, dark chocolate, heavy whipping cream, first press olive oil, osetra & beluga caviar, champagne, blinis, escargot, offal. I really do not discriminate when it comes to food.