Ben Anderton

I'm Ben Anderton, a twenty-three year old web developer and designer based in the United Kingdom. I like getting my hands dirty developing software using PHP, JavaScript, CSS and lots of other web centric goodies. I've even been known to dabble in Android development.

I've got a fair bit of development work under my belt, from a tiny five page website right up to a fully fledged CMS (now used in a production environment by the business I work for). I make sure anything that I do has eye catching design, superb accessibility and parent-friendly (if you met my parents you'd understand) usability on top!

Seeing as all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy I should probably mention something about my life outside of work. I love music and play guitar in a band with some friends of mine. Trying to get enough material to gig at the moment so fingers crossed! I spend a lot of time with my awesome girlfriend, and probably drive her nuts talking about either techy stuff or my car. Which is probably a rust-bucket to anybody else but I love it!